Best Sad Love Tunes for You

We pay attention to music that matches our mood. Sometimes depression can result in negativity and pessimism. Such emotional condition, we feed the depression with sad love tunes. The musical type of sad tunes could be more desirable at occasions as well as, some musical genres lend themselves easier to sadness. If we are sad we would like sympathy and also the sympathy is available in sad tunes. We have an incredible method of comforting the soul and has a tendency to provide us with company throughout our misery. Here are a few amazingly significant sad love tunes that may refresh the soul when the first is sad.

Goodbye My Lover

“Goodbye My Lover” is really a song sang by James Blunt with a sad however a effective voice. It’s not to cry when hearing his anguish. This sad song is much more effective because not just has he lost a follower, however a closest friend too. Based on James, the song is one of the lady who left him and that he thought she was “the main oneInch. It’s a very sad touching song.

My Immortal

“My Immortal” is really a song by American rock-band Evanescence. It had been compiled by former guitarist Ben Moody that was later put into by Amy Lee who understands how to use her voice to create out feelings in other people. This song, “My Immortal,” could be about God or family members lost. As the whole song is melodramatic goth rock, these sad song lyrics would be the most powerful. An impressive sad song that can provide you with great company you when you’re sad particularly if you lost a loved one.

Flowers For any Ghost

“Flowers for any Ghost” is yet another sad love song by lead singer of Thriving Ivory with a hauntingly wonderful voice that whenever he sings about love and heartbreak, it’s possible to feel it from insidewithin all. Also, the sad song lyrics are hauntingly beautiful. You might do this less-known song, entitled “Flowers for any Ghost” when you wish to hear an unfortunate song.

Goodbye Waves and Drive Ways

The Rocket Summer time is really a one-man band, and the song “Goodbye Waves and Drive Ways”, could make you seem like your heart has been ripped from your chest, whether you have ever been through a tough split up or otherwise. His feelings come through so strongly within the song that through the finish you’re probably to bawl your vision out.


A voice is the reason why an unfortunate love song’s lyric even sadder. “Lost” by Anouk is really a short song with couple of words, but they’re effective and sad that may stir your feelings. The song is one of the discomfort of not receiving someone you would like badly.

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